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We actually started making home made jam first before we fell into making wine. Our intention was to make wine that weren't your typical reds and whites. We wanted to make an eclectic array of flavors. So when friends and family started tasting our product and saying that they never even considered some of the flavors we created; we knew we had to share it with those alike. There are some standard flavors in our line and there are mixtures that are exclusive for that year only. We hope that you take a chance and experience something new. For those that are skeptical of our flavors we do have starter samples that will make you a believer in Ten8cious Blends.



Ten8cious Blends

Ten8cious Blends was created in York, Pennsylvania 2014. Ingredients supplied by our local farmers and supported by friends and family. Along with our wine products we do have sample baskets and regular gift baskets that can be arranged for your intended purpose. We also have (made-to-order) home made jam that can be added to your baskets. Our jam is almost as eclectic as our wines. We will post events that we'll be attending so that you can come enjoy our products first hand. Who knows what refreshing new blends you'll discover and take home! 

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