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If you want to partake in the wine making process we have several packages to suit your needs. Whether you want to make wine flavors for your own collection, wedding favors, special events, e.g., fundraisers, parties, family reunions, company gatherings, wine tastings or festivals we will help you get what you need. PRICES are standard but additional charges may apply due to your product needs. Please be aware that a minimum of 3 MONTHS is needed to complete the wine making process so please plan your event accordingly and remember the older the wine the better the flavor.

Gallon Jugs
1 Case (6 bottles)  $170
3 Cases (36 bottles) $250
3 Cases (72 bottles) $300
5 Cases (120 bottles) $500

Wine Tastings:

Contact us and we will build an event to suit your needs.

All products will be made in a 6.5 gallon carboy container. ADDITIONAL costs may occur due to the consumers production needs. Wine making takes a minimum of 3 MONTHS for a finished product.

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